Clarity. Culture. Capacity.

Solving complex challenges with
pragmatism and a shared understanding

The co-lab service offering

We build future ready adaptive organisations
able to thrive in complexity

Culture Co-Lab works with clients through a blended approach of planned and emergent change processes to get buy-in and traction, sustain energy and momentum, enable behaviour change and improve performance:

Create Clarity

Our approach to strategy development has a focus on closing the gaps between what is and what can be. It largely involves intuitive and data-driven diagnostics, stakeholder engagement, and a method that involves a set of strategic choices that are simultaneous which enables adaptability and alignment in decision making.

Before we can transform a culture, we need a baseline of the here and now, and a clear view of the desired aspiration:

  • Define purpose and values
  • Clarify the strategic agenda
  • Align the leadership team and establish the culture coalition

Shape Culture

Cultural change demands a deliberate and conscious approach, including current assessments and a culture map to shape and embrace the intelligence of the collective to experiment and learn through culture sprints, then integrate and embed the desired culture to meet the organisation’s aspirations.

Cultural change has greatest impact through a deliberate and conscious approach.

  • Assess the culture
  • Architect the culture map
  • Shape the culture, turning aspiration into reality

Elevate Capacity

Our approach to reshaping, developing and elevating capacity is strategic, collaborative and creative. It ensures people have the skills, knowledge, mindsets and opportunity to evolve and grow, in order to deliver the strategy and realise the aspired culture in the midst of disruption and complexity.

  • Redesign the organisation to align your strategy to organisational design choices to create adaptive capacity
  • Define organisational capabilities to prioritise the strategically critical skills, knowledge, behaviours, and mindsets of your people
  • Unlock and develop ‘clear’ leadership, focusing on vertical and horizontal skills, behaviours and mindsets
  • Develop everyone, at work, everyday

Our work is a collaboration

Our Approach

Just like a research lab, Culture Co-Lab believes that the process of creating clarity, shaping culture and elevating capacity can be prototyped and tested, and that emergence comes from allowing ideas and perspectives to flourish, be challenged and teased out systemically, strategically and empathetically.

Our work is a collaboration — our organisational development services are determined by what will best suit your strategy, your team, your organisation.

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Our Clients

Culture Co-Lab partners with clients in global, national and local organisations facing into disruption and complexity. We work with leaders, teams and individuals so they are best placed to achieve results and realise their individual and collective potential.