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Culture Co-Lab Process

The Process

A philosophy of collaboration and experimentation

How effectively does culture align with strategy? What aspirational culture will best enable the strategy? How can leadership best shape a cultural roadmap, and then build the capability frameworks to enable capacity? Our work is a collaboration- our organisational development services are determined by what will best suit your strategy, your team, your organisation.

Just like a research lab, Culture Co-Lab believes that the process of creating clarity, shaping culture and elevating capacity can be prototyped and tested, and that emergence comes from allowing ideas and perspectives to flourish, be challenged and teased out systemically, strategically and empathetically. A philosophy of collaboration and experimentation is the core of helping people realise their own potential and the potential of their organisation.

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Our approach is generative and human-centered, and values all stakeholder perspectives. We blend evidence-based diagnostic and dialogic approaches to truly engage with and listen to your stakeholders. As a Collective, we bring exceptional people and resources to each project, ensuring the best fit and providing deeper value.

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We use an integrated, phased approach across our organisational development services, aligning the needs of the project with the talents of our Collective and with the most appropriate tools and frameworks. We map stages of adult development and organisational phases of development into our ways of working to deliver lasting and systemic results.

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Our Collective of Organisation Development specialists work with organisations, teams and individuals to build capacity to address the complexity they face. Our focus is improving the lives of people and how they experience the way organisations deliver in the here and now, as well as how they prepare for the complexity and disruption of the beyond.

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The Co-Lab in action

An integrated, phased approach across our organisational development services

The world of business today is more complex than ever before — leaders across sectors are preparing for the disruption and complexity associated with the 5th Industrial Revolution. Culture Co-Lab helps people realise not only their own potential, but that of their organisation, their people, their customers.

Our approach is thoughtful, pragmatic, challenging, provocative and inclusive — all the critical elements that comes with pushing against the status quo — and yet smoothing the way for lasting change.

We use an integrated, phased approach across our organisational development services, aligning the needs of the project with our Collective and with the most appropriate tools and frameworks, including:

  • Strategy frameworks
  • Culture models and assessments
  • Leadership insight and feedback tools
  • Leadership development, including Clear Leadership
  • Developmental Sprints
  • Organisational re-design
  • Self-awareness and team profile tools
  • Individual and Team Coaching

In The Co-Lab Toolkit

Clear Leadership


The Clear Leadership program is one of those rare learning experiences that offers participants a well-integrated set of skills to make them more effective leaders who are able to bring their whole selves to work and bring the best out of their people and teams by sustaining real collaboration and partnership at work in order to. The program is also for those who are ready to challenge themselves and make a developmental leap to the next level of their growth.

Developmental Sprint® Coaching


Fast, scalable and for everyone. Development for employees, teams and the whole organisation that helps unlock potential.

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