We are an organisational development consultancy.

We help leaders transform and future-proof their organisation.

Create. Shape. Elevate

Culture Co-Lab helps people, individually and collectively, to live their potential. To adapt. To learn. To grow.

We offer a range of organisational development services to help organisations clarify just how effectively their culture aligns with their strategy, to identify and shape the aspirational culture that will best bring their strategy to life, and work with leaders to build the capacity of their organisation to deliver results.

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The co-lab service offering

We build future ready adaptive organisations able to thrive in complexity

Solve complex challenges with pragmatism and a shared understanding

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Create Clarity

Before we can transform a culture, we need a baseline of the here and now, and a clear view of the desired aspiration.

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Shape Culture

Cultural change is only possible through a deliberate and conscious approach.

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Elevate Capacity

We assist organisations to uplift team capacity – skills, knowledge, mindset – to deliver the strategy through the desired culture.

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Our clients

Culture Co-Lab works with organisations, teams and individuals to build their capacity for a vibrant, thriving workplace.


Organisations who are challenged to build a sustainable future in a disruptive, complex and ambiguous environment. We help create a clear purpose and organisational values to guide the organisation’s strategic direction and align the leadership team to work collaboratively and lead with clarity. We support organisations to shape their culture to enable the purpose and strategic direction that engages the whole organisation. We build the capacity of leaders and their teams to thrive with complexity.

Leaders and leadership teams

Leaders and their leadership teams to enable them to thrive with complexity – helping to align the team to lead a clear strategic direction, to role model and shape their desired culture and to coach their team to build their adaptive capability and capacity.

Professional teams

Professional teams who need to deliver value and influence for outcomes. We do this by helping them create a clear team-based value proposition for all key stakeholders, align and shape their team culture and elevate their capacity to deliver on their promise.